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Why Quark rhymes with Pork: David Mermin ***** 26 June 2016 - Fascinating collection of essays giving insights into how physics is undertaken and communicated among academics. Remarkably readable.
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Bayes' Rule: James Stone *** 22 June 2016 - Not really popular science, but a relatively approachable textbook lite on the most fun aspect of probability.
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The Gene: Siddhartha Mukherjee **** 15 June 2016 A wrist buster of a science/medicine book exploring both the development of genetic science and medicine, and its moral implications.

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In Fun with the Reverend Bayes we explore one of the interesting implications of taking a Bayesian approach to probability that at first seems counter-intuitive.
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Comedian and broadcaster Timandra Harkness talks about her interest in big data - it's power and dangers - the joy of statistics, the pros and cons of writing a comedy show about data (no, really) and what it is to be human.
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The Royal Society Winton Prize Winner 2015

Our congratulations to Gaia Vince for her success with Adventures in the Anthropocene.
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