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The New York Times Book of Science *** 10 January 2018 - Science news through the years from the NYT - the early articles are truly fascinating, but need a modern commentary to explain where they're right and wrong.
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Strange Chemistry: Steven Farmer *** 7 January 2018 - a collection of short chemistry pieces on everything from the making of drugs to explosives and odd smells. Plenty of interesting material, but could do with more structure and narrative.
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Ten Great Ideas about Chance: Persi Diaconis and Brian Skyrms *** 6 January 2018 - not much point if you don't have undergraduate level probability and statistics, but if you do, reveals some remarkable thinking about the nature and applicability of probability.
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Logan's Run: William Nolan and George Clayton Johnson **** 8 January 2018 - A classic piece of 1960s science fiction that blisters its way through set pieces as the main character attempts to survive mandatory death at 21.
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Artemis: Andy Weir **** 14 November 2017 - it was always going to be hard to follow The Martin. Andy Weir largely delivers with a moon colony thriller.
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Lost Solace: Karl Drinkwater **** 5 November 2017 - real time two handed thriller, as a renegade female soldier and an AI take on a mysterious deadly space liner and a military attack.
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Biology writer Liam Drew tells us how being hit in the groin by a football and the birth of his first daughter inspired his new book, and how (cliché or not) he was inspired to get into science by a great teacher.

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The Royal Society Book Prize 2017

Congratulations to Cordelia Fine, who has won the 2017 prize with Testosterone Rexread more.
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Fancy a break from the science books?

Take a look at Brian Clegg’s intriguing new murder mystery novel, An End to Innocence - when Stephen Capel receives his own obituary as part of a set of ten, and the first person named is already dead, he must act quickly to avoid a chain of killing leading to his own death.
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