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Welcome to the Popular Science book review site.
At the moment, due to technical problems, our site is split in two.

The existing site, with all reviews up to 1 September 2014 has been frozen and can no longer be edited. We are gradually copying the existing pages to a new site, which so far houses all reviews and articles since 28 February 2014.

Apologies for any inconvenience while this process, which is likely to take several months, is in progress.

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Final Frontier - Brian Clegg ****
Posted on 15/09/2014
This book takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the subject of space exploration.

After a discussion of how space travel is portrayed, sometimes unrealistically, in science fiction; this book gives us an informative and interesting breakdown of the various aspects of space travel. Whether it is establishing a base on the Moon, terraforming Mars or mining asteroids for minerals, throughout the book the ideas and concepts which are discussed are explained in a clear and engaging fashion.
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The Copernicus Complex – Caleb Scharf ***
Posted on 01/09/2014
Gravity’s Engines, Caleb Scharf’s first book was one of the best cosmology titles I’ve ever read. In the way it explored lack holes and their relationship to galaxies and the universe it Unknownwas quite stunning. The only downside was a certain floweriness of style (one reviewer described it as ‘rich language’, but, no, it was floweriness) and the occasional dip into amateur philosophising. The big problem with The Copernicus Complex is that this philosophising becomes the main backbone of the book, which leaves it without an effective narrative arc.
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What If - Randall Munroe ****
Posted on 11/09/2014
I am deeply suspicious whenever a book is sold on the basis that its author is in some sense famous, so I was immediately wary of Randall Munroe's What If, especially as the book was plastered with references to his internet science cartoon site xkcd. So it was almost a disappointment when I discovered that I really liked this book, which takes really weird science questions and gives them straight-faced answers.
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