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The Spacefarer's Handbook: Bergita and Urs Ganse **** 5 May 2021 - Space science and medicine insiders give highly readable insights into life and work in space.
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The Science of Can and Can't: Chiara Marletto ***** 4 May 2021 - Fascinating, if difficult to absorb, exploration of Deutsch and Marletto's concept of counterfactuals and the potential to reformulate physics from the ground up.
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A Citizen's Guide to Artificial Intelligence: John Zerilli et al ****15 April 2021 - Despite the pompous title and a distinctly academic approach, an important and largely readable book on AI and how we should respond to it legally and ethically. Essential reading for governments.
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Time and Stars: Poul Anderson **** 13 April 2021 - Original thinking in this 1960s collection of five long stories - better than we remember Anderson's writing being.
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The Actuality: Paul Braddon **** 30 March 2021 - Has some flaws, but overall an engaging and enjoyable exploration of the world experienced by a near-human artificial lifeform, trying to make her way and discover herself in an inimical world.
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Klara and the Sun: Kazuo Ishiguro *** 8 March 2021 - Explores a topic (robot child companion/replacement) far better covered by science fiction writers and needs a good edit down. Disappointing, if not surprising when a literary fiction author tries to do SF.
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Computational neuroscientist Grace Lindsay tells us how most of the time people don't know what her job means, the importance of rigorous thinking and what she would like to write about in the future.

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