Making money playing your favourite slot

Playing slots is an extremely fun hobby and as the majority of long term slot players and gambling lovers will tell you, having fun and enjoying your time as you play is the most important thing. But, making money is always a brilliant bonus when playing slots and there are lots of ways you can make money playing your favourite slot games, so here are a few ways to maximise not only your fun but also your profits - play today at!

Have you ever considered taking part in a slot tournament? Slot tournaments are a brilliant way to make money as there are some fantastic prizes up for grabs in both brick and mortar casinos as well as online casinos who also host tournaments, 24/7! It's easy to take part and they are generally open to most players who want to take part, all you have to do to join the tournament is to pay an entry fee, which is usually around £10 or less for online slot tournaments, but brick and mortar casinos may charge more to enter. The top finishers, that is to say, the player who has the highest amount in their bankroll at the end of the tournament will be awarded the tournament prize!

Some tournaments are used to reward players for their loyalty, so if you have been playing your favourite slot game for a while, you may be invited by the online casino to enter the tournament for free. For example, some online casinos reward players who have spent £100+ on a particular slot title to join the slot's tournament for free as a way to reward players.

This is brilliant news if you get free entry as this means that anything you win will help you to offset the house edge on the normal slot games. However, if you aren't lucky enough to get free entry, make sure you are selective with which tournaments you enter into and only enter into tournaments which have a prize pool which is guaranteed as this will mean that you will have a greater chance of making money.

For example, if an online casino tournament had a guaranteed prize pool of £600, the entry fee is £10 and only 50 people sign up to play the tournament, the prize pool is divided by the number of players taking part which gives you the average playing value which in this example would be £12. This is good news, as any value that is greater than the entry fee will mean you will be playing with an edge and if you play in enough of these scenarios you will have a greater chance of making money from the slot tournament.

There you have it, a fun way to play your favourite slot and make some money while you're at! Although there are never any guarantees you will make money from slots, it's certainly worth a try especially if you really enjoy playing certain slot titles and think you would be in with the chance of winning the tournament!

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