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Astro Sales Astronomy online shop Online shop of the Armagh Planetarium in Northern Ireland, with a good range of astronomy related items
BBC Focus Science magazine Busy and lively site of the BBC's popular science magazine, BBC Focus. Has a strong tie to the magazine itself - some articles are just tasters - but has interesting news section, competitions and a good gadget review section.
BlueSci Online science magazine Popular science magazine from Cambridge University in the UK. Occasionally has slightly studenty feel, but good nonetheless
Cyborg Forums Science forum A collection of forums on science subjects with topics as diverse as Nanotechnology, genetic engineering anti-aging research and space colonies. Not a huge number of posts when reviewed, but growing
dickran Science website Interesting science & technology information site
First Science Science website Wide ranging articles and everything from poetry to science news in a great, very personal site
Forensic Blog Museum website Although not heavy with science, this DC Attractions museum's blog gives information on forensic science that's worth a look.
Galaxiki Science/SF website A very odd but interesting wiki-based site where everyone gets to develop stars and solar systems. The idea is in part to be a community site for science and SF fans - it will be interesting to see how it develops.
IOP Science organization (UK) Institute of Physics site - obviously specialized but news is quite approachable
Infinity Plus SF books website Not a science site per se, but a well informed and quirky SF book site, carrying some non-fiction reviews
iSquared Maths magazine Interesting sounding quarterly popular maths magazine. Website mainly concentrates on the print edition - little information content.
I Want That Book Online bookshop for difficult to find reference books IWanthatBook aims to be the place for academics and students alike to order the books they want – simply, securely and cost-effectively.
Impact! World Website Slick website demonstrating the applications of scientific research to real world problems. Perhaps a bit too slick, as it's not really obvious what to use it for, but some interesting information.
Journey by Starlight Youth science blog A science book for around 11 to 14 year olds in the form of a blog by a virtual Albert Einstein, describing a thought journey at the speed of light. Well worth taking a look. Best read from the beginning, rather than the latest post.
Lab Lit SF writing website Website dedicated to fiction writing by scientists and about real world science. Some fascinating stuff, though mixed quality as many of the authors are amateurs.
Mad Science Experiments Science website/book site Website about bizarre science experiments, quite a few with movies, accompanying the book The Mad Science Book.
Martian Soil Space blog Daily updates with the latest news and pictures of the Red Planet. See also sister sites Lunar Soil (yep, same on the moon) and Solar Soils (solar system)
Minerals UK Website The website of the British Geographics Survey, with a section for the non-specialist called 'Minerals and You.' Through 2010 the mineral exploration archive will be made available online.
NASA Space agency site Plenty of hot stuff on the US space agency site. Very slick
Nature Science magazine Despite the name, UK's top general science journal. Limited access to information if you don't subscribe but still useful
New Scientist Science magazine Wide range of information from this excellent UK-based general science mag
NOISE Science and engineering website Short for "New Outlooks in Science & Engineering", this is a site that aims to raise awareness of science and engineering in young people. Could be better designed, but lots of good content.
Nye Labs Science website Quirky, noisy and flash-ful 'gee-whiz!' science site
Oh Purlease Science website Unique site combining science stories with a wry sense of humour, pointing out the oddities and hilarities of the latest scientific news
Physics Web Science organization/magazine Website of the UK's Institute of Physics. All the hot news from the physics world and an excellent magazine, with many of its book reviews online
Plus Magazine Maths website Online mathematics magazine from the Cambridge-based Millennium Mathematics Project. Excellent content, elegantly put across (and free!)
Popular Science Magazine Science magazine Website of US Popular Science magazine. Nice 'resources' section
Prized Science Science organization Are we all from Mars?  Green Gasoline.  Those are among the topics in an exciting new video series from the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society.  Entitled Prized Science: How the Science Behind ACS Awards Impacts Your Life, the videos are ideal for students classroom use by teachers, and for audiences of non-scientists
Royal Institution of Great Britain Science organization Polished site from the UK's veteran science research and education organization
Royal Society Prizes for Science Books Science organization Site dedicated to the UK's leading prize for science books (formerly the Aventis Prize)
Sciencebase Science News Science news/information site Very slick site from UK-based science writer David Bradley with a news feed, articles, blogs and more
Science Book Blog Science books blog Relatively new blog based around science books, already with some good, interesting content.
Science Book Guide Science books website Nearest equivalent to this site with a good range of science book reviews, quizzes and more.
Science Magazine Science magazine US general science journal. Lots of information an well structured
Science Daily Science website All the latest science news in plenty of detail
Science-Directory Science website Science-based site directory - starting to get good content, but the categories aren't particularly helpful.
The Science Lab Science links website Just building but should be a good resource. Too many categories, perhaps
Science Niblets Science article blog Collection of short, simple science articles. At the time we looked a little thin, but content being added
Science & Engineering Encyclopedia Science reference Useful reference resource - better on engineering and constants than some sciences (no biology on the home page, for instance)
Science Toys Science shop UK-based website with a good range of science-based toys for sale and some fun (free) science activities to undertake at home from measuring the speed of light to making a miniature cloud
Scientific American Science magazine Great magazine, but the site is too focussed on selling
Sci Fi Currencies Web article Article detailing 136 currencies used in science fiction. Entertaining and informative, though some entries are a little sparse/incoherent.
SF Site SF books website One of the more comprehensive science fiction book review sites.
SLOOH Astronomy website Unique website offering the chance to control real telescopes and capture the results. Charges for membership
Technovelgy.com Science in SF website Very entertaining website with articles on the science and technology in science fiction



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