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Horrible Science/Murderous Maths

The Scholastic Horrible Science/Murderous Maths series provide a unique approach to children's science. As the tag line on the back of the books goes, this is "science with the squishy bits left in". These are books that revel in the aspects of science that children really enjoy, presenting it all with a mixture of text, cartoons and drawings that is reminiscent of a mix of a simple popular science book and the Beano or the Dandy (classic UK comics for non-UK readers).

The series has been phenomenally successful with over 3 million books sold in the UK alone, and many more worldwide, with translation into 27 different languages.

Perhaps the best thing about Horrible Science and Murderous Maths is that the books appeal to both children and parents, and feature as often as birthday presents as they do as schoolbooks. This is very much popular science for children - and pretty well unique as such - not a science textbook or picture book, which is a great bonus!

Reviews of Horrible Science/Murderous Maths books:

Scholastic has two other series that cover popular science for children - The Knowledge and Dead Famous.

Reviewed by Brian Clegg


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