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Gift Review - PoGo Printer


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Note to use PoGo you will
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Plenty of people use their phones to take most of their photos these days - and that's great, but it's not always easy to share those pictures. As I write this review, the last of the old Polaroid film stock is going out of date, which makes it an excellent time to cover a new Polaroid product, the PoGo printer. It fits in the palm of your hand and produces hard copies from your phone or other device on special paper with no need for ink cartridges.

As with the old Polaroid cameras, the company has cunningly made the hardware pretty cheap - around 25 in the UK - hoping to make money on the paper, though this isn't too bad at around 20p per print. The prints themselves are small - 2 inches by 3 - but they're enough to give someone an instant memory of the event that has just been captured on your phone.

Photos print in 60 seconds, producing borderless prints on paper that's also a sticky label. The connection to the phone is Bluetooth, so no wires to fiddle with, but it also has USB to connect to a camera with PictBridge.

There's an element of this being a gimmick, but it's fun and easy to use - and would make a great gift.

Gift category - midrange

Reviewed by Brian Clegg


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