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Gift Review - Wii Fit


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Note to use Wii Fit you need 
a Wii Console:

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We've resisted the urge to include games consoles here, but the originality of the Wii, combined with this package has pushed us over the edge.

Wii Fit is a revolutionary fitness game developed by Nintendo. Its aim is to help you loose weight and tone up while still having fun. There are several types of activity to choose from that target the cardiovascular system and the muscles so that you get a complete workout in one go.

The main component of the Wii Fit equipment is the balance board. This is a digital board with a sensitive surface of four quadrants. When you stand on the board, it reads the pressure from each quadrant and monitors how you are standing, how you are moving and if you are performing the exercises properly. This means that it reads your movements and shows them on the TV screen, as your mii character (a personalized avatar which also appears in the background of other games on the Wii).

The balance board also acts as a digital scale that measures your body mass index at the beginning of your training and then continues to monitor your progress on a daily basis, or whenever you decide to train. The software then allows you to set achievable goals and a date by which to complete them and your progress is shown in graphical form for easy reading.

There are four types of activity available to try which include over 40 different games and exercises:

  • Yogi Bear here you can learn yoga poses which help you to improve your posture by toning the core muscle groups of the body.
  • Balance Games these include activities such as skiing and heading a football. All of the games help to improve your balance and thus your posture.
  • Strength Training this section includes exercises that help to build and tone all of the major muscle groups. You can try squats, push-ups, sit-ups and many other strengthening exercises.
  • Aerobics this is the cardiovascular section of the workout that helps to burn body fat and loose weight. Rather than using the balance board, most of the aerobics activities use the Wii controller placed in the pocket or waistband to monitor your movement. You can try hula hooping, basic step workouts and even a virtual jog around the park.

At the beginning of your training there are a limited number of activities available to try however as you continue to train, you collect Wii Fit credits which open up additional games and exercises. Thus, the more you play the more games become available.

Many reviews of Wii Fit say that it is possible to achieve your weight loss goals when used daily. As well as losing weight, you can also tone and build virtually every muscle group. A number of the activities include a Wii Fit trainer that provides feedback on your progress and performance so that you can improve as you go along. Up to 8 people`s figures can be monitored which means you can also set up workout competitions between you and your family members after all, isn`t that what computer games are for?

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Reviewed by Crowdstorm


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