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Gift Review - Moon Poster


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It's always supposed to be more difficult to buy presents for men, and though this incredibly detailed poster map of the moon would appeal to anyone into astronomy, it's certainly a likely contender for those male targets.

At the heart of the poster is a photographic moon map with all sorts of details - not just the lunar geography, but Apollo landings and the site of other probes.

It is also surrounded by a huge host of informational panels from details of specific features of the moon to statistics, details of what's going on under the surface and even chemical analysis maps.

In fact, if there's one complaint about the poster it's that there's just oo much detail. You have to be able to see it quite close up to get all the information on there, so it will need careful wall placing.

Even so, it's a great complement to the home observatory, the bedroom of a space nut or the office of someone who likes to peer up at the night sky.

The cost isn't at all bad at 12.95 posted anywhere in the world - at the time of writing that's about 10.50 or $20.50.

Gift category - bargain

Reviewed by Brian Clegg


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