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Gift Review - Organizing a Murder

10.99 ($18.99)

There seems a strong correlation between being interested in science and getting fun out of cracking fictional murder mysteries. There have been "murder mystery party kits" around for a long time, but they are expensive and only get you through a single mystery.

Produced by our own Brian Clegg, this is a very clever alternative. This ebook in the popular Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format provides twelve different mysteries, with setting as varied as a British brewery and a starship in which to display your deductive powers. Mysteries (they aren't all murders) come in different levels from simple to challenging and have different ways to play - some are little more than treasure hunts, while others require the detective to put together clues, evidence and witness statements to try to beat the criminal.

Unlike the traditional kits, everyone playing is a detective (either individually or in teams), so there's none of that dressing up and play acting. This might be a disappointment to some, but personally I'm deeply relieved. It also means that the game can be played over a shorter timescale if desired.

The content is a little rough and ready - there could have been more work done on the design - but considering the incredible value for money with 12 events for under 12, this is hardly a major issue.

The thing that really makes the product is ability to freely print from the PDF ebook. This means you can run off a set of answer sheets to give your players, print off the clues as and when you want them - all without damaging your original as you would have to with a physical book. This is perhaps the best application of a PDF we've ever seen - it's absolutely ideal.

All in all a brilliant little ebook (around 118 pages) to use either at parties or for team building exercises - or just for fun.

There is a free to download sample containing the introduction, and part of one of the simpler mysteries, to get an idea of the format. You can download it by RIGHT CLICKING HERE and selecting "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." to download.

Not got the free Adobe Acrobat reader?

Brian Clegg, a best-selling author with over 20 conventional books in print including Instant Stress Management, Imagination Engineering, Light Years and Infinity.

Please note that this ebook is licensed solely to the buyer and may not be distributed or resold in electronic or paper form.

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Reviewed by Martin O'Brien


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