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Popular Science gifts   

Need a present for someone who is difficult to buy for? Try one of our recommendations - they've all been reviewed here and have that touch of science and the ability to fascinate. Unlike our book reviews, which include all books we receive good and bad, our gift reviews only cover the products we highly recommend.

Bargain Gifts - low budget but still an exciting and different present - under 12 (under $25)
20Q Radica Brilliant "20 questions" AI device that guesses what you are thinking of. Fun to play with a real "how did it do that?" feel Electronic Game
Digital camera memory cards Various Digital cameras are great, but rarely have enough memory. Extra memory is now very affordable - there's little point in going for less than 2Gb - and makes a great gift Photographic/electronics
Inflight Science Brian Clegg A celebration of the wonder of powered flight that covers the science of flying but is mostly about the science observed through the aircraft window. Book
Moon Map Moon Poster A very detailed photographic map of the moon, plus all sorts of information and mini-articles. A poster that would grace any home observatory, office or bedroom.. Poster
Organizing a Murder Creativity Unleashed The ultimate murder mystery party resource - an ebook with twelve different mysteries to solve, ideal as you can print off answer sheets, clues etc.. These mystery games seem to appeal strongly to those interested in science and maths Downloadable ebook
Solar Airship Science Museum Immense, eight metre long airship that flies by solar heating. It might be an immense binliner, but it really is great fun. Needs good weather. Toy
Rubik's Cube Winning Moves/Drummond Park There has never been a puzzle to beat it, and the classic Rubik's Cube is still an excellent choice. A new generation is discovering this old favourite. Puzzle
The Stargazer's Almanac 2011 Floris Publishing Monthly double page spread showing just what is in the sky and where to look. Makes an excellent gift. Calendar
The Universe Next Door Marcus Chown Things to make you go "wow!" in this elegant collection. Strange concepts at the edge of scientific theories Book
Venn that Tune Andrew Viner Clever gift book combining Venn diagrams (and other mathematical diagrams) with song titles. Fun for those into maths or music. Book
Wind-up LED Torch (flashlight) Active Products/Dynamo The simple addition of a dynamo to a torch makes so much sense. Great budget gift that's environmentally friendly too Torch (flashlight)
Midrange Gifts - presents that make the difference 15-40 ($25-80)
The Art of Science Acabo Games Cleverly designed science-based board game. Science trivia has never been so clever as in this game where you can choose your favourite subjects and have to get more points in them. Board game
Encyclopaedia Britannica 2010 Ultimate Edition Focus The world's most famous encyclopaedia in its newest incarnation. So much more useful than the paper version, with excellent content including Children's library if slightly challenged by online rivals. Software
No Two Alike Judith Rich Harris A real page turner as the author explores how personalities differ, with a style that owes as much to a murder mystery as a science book Book
The Oxford Dictionary of Scientific Quotations W. F. Bynum and Roy Porter Massive collection of quotations by scientists and about science. A surprise on every page in this definitive collection Book
PoGo Printer Polaroid A printer that fits in your pocket that will give hard copies of your phone pictures. The new look of instant photographs - snap of genius from Polaroid. Hardware
Redshift 6 Premium Edition USM/Maris/Focus A strong challenger for Starry Night - not quite as good as Starry Night Pro Plus, but equal to Starry Night Pro, and a bargain. Includes telescope control. Recommended.. Software & DVD
Skype phones Various Attractive cordless phones that works both with your ordinary telephone line and Skype internet calls. Internet phone
Starry Night Enthusiast Imaginova Probably the best planetarium software there is. Although technically the 'lite' version still packs lots in.The ultimate. Software & DVD
Special Gifts - when you want to go that little bit further 60-200 ($100-400)
Digital Photo Frame Philips Everyone loves digital cameras, but it's a pain not being able to display your pictures without printing. These stunning digital frames take the images direct from your digital camera Photographic/electronics
New iPod Touch Apple The ultimate style accessory and simply the best MP3 player around. Wonderful touchscreen controls, great sound and video and enormous fun. Good capacity from 2,000 songs up. MP3 player
Kindle Amazon You'll love it or hate it, but you can't ignore Amazon's Kindle 'wireless reading device.' We haven't a review yet, but it has to be here. Books, newspapers, web access - all without connecting to a PC. Electronic book reader
Starry Night Pro Plus Space Software/Avanquest Superb planetarium software for serious amateur astronomers with a wealth of features and information and superb detail. Includes telescope control. Recommended.. Software & DVD
Tokyo Flash Watches TechDeals Totally outrageous watches with unique visual style. Don't bother if you want a watch to tell the time - but you can't dispute that they're eye-catching. Watch
Wii Fit Nintendo With the Wii Nintendo has transformed the games console market, but it needed a little something extra, and Wii Fit, the exercise add-on is its breakthrough application. Great.. Console Game
Zen X-Fi Creative Not quite as brilliant as the iPod Touch, but has better PC compatibility than Apple equivalents, and much more capacity for the price. Huge capacity of up to 16,000 tracks, in credit-card sized player. MP3 player



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