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Around the World in 18 Elements - David Scott *** 5 May 2015 - Combines interesting background on 18 elements with questions on them for A-level students. Interesting but will only appeal to a limited audience.
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The Upright Thinkers - Leonard Mlodinow *** 4 May 2015 - An interesting rattle through the development of scientific thought from the dawn of intelligence to quantum theory. Sags a bit in the middle, but elsewhere good.
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Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension - Matt Parker **** 26 Apr 2015 - One of the better recreational maths books, pulled together with infectious enthusiasm by stand-up mathematician Matt Parker.

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Read about two of quantum theory’s strangest concepts: the Dirac sea and the ‘many worlds’ hypothesis.

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Physics professor Frank Close discusses how he became interested in the strange story of physicist Bruno Pontecorvo and gives some hints about his next books.

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The Royal Society Winton Prize Winner 2014

Announced 10 November 2014 - our congratulations to Mark Miodownik and the excellent Stuff Matters.
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